ACCOMPANYING Cup... $32.49 $44.00
PRODUCT DETAILS ______________________________________________________________________________ Our previous 2 in 1 cup has evolved to the new 3-in-1 bottle design! Now our new premium design provides all-in-one convenience for pet owners on the go... Features built-in 300ml water 100g food container, And now a waste bag compartment too!                Specifications -The water dispenser is equipped with a filtration system that helps remove impurities and ensures your pet has access to clean and fresh water wherever you are. -The bottle's dispensing button is lockable, allowing you to control water flow and prevent any spills or leaks, especially during outdoor activities or hikes. The wide "U" mouth cup is also designed to fit the oral structure of larger pets too- for eating and drinking. -Waste Bag Compartment: The bottle has a convenient compartment that stores waste bags, making it easy to clean up after your pet while you're on the move and helping you keep the environment clean and hygienic.    Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 23.1cm
AIRTAG TRACKING... $18.99 $25.00
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ Ensure your pets safety and keep it tracked at all times. The collar is built to hold an airtag and localize your cat anywhere it goes just in case it gets lost or stolen. The collar is also equipped with a bell which is also removable.   Note: all orders are dispatched within 24 business hours. Deliveries take 10-12 business days for USA   Size Guide:   Wash style: Hand washMaterial: Nylon, plasticPackage dimensions: 200 x 180 x 30 mm        
AUTOMATIC CIRCULATION... from $9.99 $72.00
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ The automatic water dispenser holds a large capacity drinking surface, it's perfect for multi-cat households and multi-dog households. The dispenser is made of premium and durable 304 stainless steel which is non-toxic for pets and maintains itself odourless. The water pump is also very quiet and will keep a peaceful and quiet environment.    The design is also built for pet owners who often travel and leave their pets alone at home- the water dispenser will take care of providing your pet with it's fresh, filtered and well circulated water.                    The dispenser also comes with a sensor, whereas once it detects your pet's movement it will initiate the dispenser's pump so that water falls directly from the tap.    Voltage options: US 110V, US 220VWater storage capacity: 2LPackage size: 170 * 181 * 135mm  
AUTOMATIC FEEDER from $32.00 $42.99
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ 2-in-1 water and food automatic feeder. It can hold a gallon of water and a full meal for your pet. The automatic feeder and water dispenser natural supply your dog/cat with water and food. Just open the top, fill the bowls and then close and secure top and set the timer, the pet will hear the bowl open when its time to eat! Feeder does not require electricity plug, just one regular battery on the bottom will keep it running for 6 months! Also comes equipped with non slip pads on the bottom to keep the spaces clean. Variant options: Single meal (24 * 14 * 7.5cm) Double meal  Materials: Plastic                                                     
AVOCADO CATNIP... $14.00 $22.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            ______________________________________________________________________________ Lovely avocado-shaped catnip/gall ball. This is not only a toy but also helps to activate blood circulation, disperses cold and relieves pain- it is a natural and well known stimulant for cats! -Gets easily attached to any smooth and clean surface, such as a walls, floors or windows. The catnip and gall chewing toy is fully safe as its specially designed for cats and is great for their digestion too. -It is also an ideal gift for cats to keep their teeth clean, reduce boredom, consume excessive energy, and help improve the relationship between you and them. The 306-degree silvervine ball will bring more fun to your kitten.                    Specifications: Materials: Catnip, silver rattan, gall fruitSize: 6x4.6cm/2.36x1.81in
BANANA HOUSE from $32.00 $38.00
PRODUCT DETAILS        ______________________________________________________________________________ This fun looking design Banana bed is big enough to fit a cat or a small dog. It is an iconic yet simple detail for small pet owners. The bed is soft, comfortable and enclosed with enough space to make your pets feel comfortable and warm. The bed also comes with an adhesive patch allowing the top to remain open.  Size Guide: L: length 68 width 25 height 18 (cm), suitable for 3.5kg XL: length 91 width 32 height 19 (cm), suitable for 7.5kg Materials: Cotton, PP, coral fleece Wash type: Hand wash           
BEAR PAW... from $59.69 $76.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  _____________________________________________________________________________ Did you know that 1 in 4 pets suffer from separation anxiety, being left alone causes a build up of stress which ultimately can lead to destructive tendencies and behavioural problems, affected appetite and a reduced life span.‍ The Solution? Our Stress Relief Cozy Paw Bed!  94% of customers reported that their furry friends experienced reduced stress & anxiety whilst 39% followed up with an email expressing how their pet 'loves' it! ‍ Sleep is vital for your dogs health. Dogs sleep throughout the day but only spend around 10% of their rest in deep sleep. Better support their daily sleep schedule with a more comfortable and calming sleep environment. Which will contribute to better resting and a happier, healthier, calmer pet.  BENEFITS:  Extra Comfort - Ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Your pet will be very relaxed!  Eases Anxiety - The raised rim creates a sense of security & cosiness.  It is proven to help ease anxiety & initiates the nervous system to calm down & relax faster.  Improved Behaviour & Health - The reduced stress & anxiety in your pet's sleep leads to improved behaviour and better health. This not only improves your pet's experience but also yours as a pet owner. Cleaning Pet Hair Is Easier - When your pet sleeps, it sheds hair. Let them sleep in an area where it is concentrated, and you will have less to clean up!  Anti Allergy Fabric - Made from ultra-soft vegan fur. The material is specially designed to not cause allergic reactions & irritation for your pet. Its long fibres are soft, durable and machine-washable.  Easy To Clean - 100% safe to machine wash the removable cover using the following settings: (Gentle cycle, Tumble dry, low heat).  Modern Style - The shape of the paw bed has more sense of design compared to other pet beds. Not only is it a pet bed when placed in the house, but it can also decorate the house and make the house look comfortable and warmer. Sizes: Pets with a diameter of 55cm Pets with a diameter of 80cm Pets with a diameter of 90cm  Material: Cloth     
CAR SEAT... $52.92 $85.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Ensure safety and comfort for your pet and car every time you hit the road with our waterproof, scratch proof and nonslip seat/interior cover. You can hammock the cover on the front seat or fold it into an optimal car seat cover with included velcro straps. The cover is securely anchored in the back seat with included buckle, enough to keep the cover and your pet still and safe even during quick turns and speed bumps. Enjoy your road trip with your furry best friend and never stress again about shabby seats.   Features/specifications Universal size (54x58 inches) it is the perfect size for cars, mini vans, trucks and family SUVs. The velcro opening lets the seat belt thread through, then the velcro will stick together so that drool or stains can't penetrate. The cover takes seconds to unbuckle and shake off sand, dirt, and debris. You can use a wet cloth to spot clean, hand wash, machine wash, and vacuum cover. Made from 4 layers of fabrics: thick water-resistant oxford fabric, cotton layer, 100% waterproof polyester, and PVC non-slip soft rubber.
CAT SUCTION... $47.99 $79.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  _____________________________________________________________________________ EXCLUSIVE NOVEMBER-DECEMBER SALE! UP TO 40% OFF IN OUR SUCTION CUP HAMMOCKS!   Does your home truly offer the comfort your cat really deserves? Our odourless suction cup hammock is designed for your cat to hop on and relax as he enjoys the best of window views. Cats love to climb and remain in high areas to soothe their mood and release tension.   Features/Specifications   MULTIFUN: The suction cups are strong enough to hold up to two cats as they jump and play around in the house. When cats get zoomies they love to jump on the hammock back and forth and make it a part of their playing route!                   Space optimization: The design is foldable and may be installed on windows with any curtain types (even electric roller blinds). It may also be installed on walls.          Easy build: Install the window perch in less than 2 minutes following the provided instructions sheet. Easy fix: If you accidentally bend or deform any of the suction cups, simple information is also granted on the instructions sheet explaining how to fix them!   Size: Large (30*52cm)     Materials: plush fabric, steel
CAT VILLA from $30.99 $37.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Our cat house blends seamlessly into your décor while providing a relaxing spot for your pet. It's more than just furniture; it's an essential part of your cat's environment. Beyond comfort, this house also contributes to your cat's mental well-being with its playful and anti-stress hanging ball. Cats relish having a personal space, and this house offers precisely that – a place to unwind, play, and observe their surroundings. Built with durability in mind, this house can handle your cat's playful antics. The removable cushion ensures easy maintenance, keeping the haven clean and inviting. Materials: Cloth, rubber      
DIGESTIVE BOWL-... $16.99 $21.00
PRODUCT DETAILS             _____________________________________________________________________________ Our slow feeder bowls contain surfaces that trap the food inside of the bowl and help your dog slow down while eating! This design prevents gulping and choking and ensures an overall better digestion for your pet. These fun shaped feeders are prepared with anti slip technology and will also prevent bloats and vomits at all times. Get your dog used to a better digestion now! Material: Polypropylene Package size: 25x25x7cm    
PRODUCT DETAILS      ______________________________________________________________________________ -This floppy fish cat toy is a before and after for your pet. The electric fish moves its tail to attract the cats and make them catch it, let your kitten release its energy as it plays with his new interactive toy. Seeing your cat with this toy will make you and your friends laugh as you see your pet get curious and devious. Features/specifications -USB Rechargeable. To charge, simply open the zipper and plug in the USB cable. The motor is removable, when you clean the toy, please remember to take the provided catnip pouch and motor out of the fish belly.   (FREE SHIPPING: 2-5 Days)