SMART BALL $28.00 $36.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  ______________________________________________________________________________ Cats love this smart rolling ball. It moves itself around and will trigger your cat or pet and wake their curiosity making them chase the ball all around the house. The ball is built with non toxic materials so pets can chew on it. USB comes included to recharge the battery! train your cat reduces stress prevents unwanted chews around the house     -Exterior soft silicone wrapping absorbs and cancels 90% of impact sound. -Lights included for pet's fun at night Battery input: USB rechargeableMaterial: Silicone
SMILE DOG... $22.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  ______________________________________________________________________________ Funny smile dog ball design. Dogs look really funny when they bite on the ball and play with it as they have an entire scary smile. When the dog notices we are laughing at them with the ball they create their own show and tend to get spooky. The balls are of soft PVC material and thus are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Diameter: 7.5cm/2.95 in Material: PVC
Steamy Cat... from $22.99
PRODUCT DETAILS            ______________________________________________________________________________ Tired of your pet's hair all across the house? Your best friend deserves looking and feeling fresh on the regular with our new brush. The Steamy Cat Hair Brush is a multifunctional design perfect for hair detangling and massaging. The design's silicone hairs effectively absorb and trap the pet's hair without scratching the skin. When finished grooming, the removed hair from the brush will fall grouped in your hand with ease. The grooming is smooth and has a spray button to comb your pet for a nice and healthy looking fur. Materials: Plastic, Silicone Charging method: USB rechargeable (USB cable included) 
STEP ON... $85.00
PRODUCT DETAILS                      ______________________________________________________________________________ Easy to use for dogs of all sizes! The dog will simply step on the pedal to activate the water flow. It keeps your dog cool and hydrated, preventing boredom and chewing on unwanted items. Made of hard and durable steel, suitable for both large and small dogs. Plus, it's a fun and entertaining toy for them which will release their energy and their zoomies won't be a problem for your garden any longer!    Features/specifications Install it yourself within seconds: simply grab the provided hose and connect it to the step on fountain, then attach the other hose end to the adapter and into the tap and start the fun! (manual is also included)                     Hose length: 41" (1 meter) Size: 24*24*5.5cm Materials: Heavy-Gauge Steel                                                                                             
PRODUCT DETAILS   ______________________________________________________________________________ This toy is perfect for dogs and cats, easy to load and fun to use. It is great for outdoor interaction and fun for you and your pet. To use, simply fill it with your pets favourite treat and then pull the trigger to launch the treats! Handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip. There's no more need to hold those treats and worry about slobber or getting crumbs off your hands.   Specifications: Material: ABS Plastic, nylon Size: 19cm x 11cm x 4.5cm    
ULTRA DRYING... $22.30
PRODUCT DETAILS                               _________________________________________________________________________________________ Absorbent towel with ultra-permeable fibers, this dog towel effortlessly soaks up moisture from your pet's coat. It's built double-pocket design allows to place your hands into them and accelerate the drying process while you pet it, also great for hair removal. Its plush and breathable texture ensures your pet's comfort too.   Specifications Material: Chenille, polyesterSize: (62cm*23cm)
PRODUCT DETAILS  ______________________________________________________________________________ Essential grooming and detangling device to safely remove hair and imperfections from your pet. Also great to get rid of hair from clothes, bedding, furniture, couches, floors, carpets and even car interiors with its harmless non sharp surfaces. Safe, reliable and light enough to carry in a bag and use at any time. Size: 15.5*13.5cm