ULTRA DRYING... $22.30
PRODUCT DETAILS                               _________________________________________________________________________________________ Absorbent towel with ultra-permeable fibers, this dog towel effortlessly soaks up moisture from your pet's coat. It's built double-pocket design allows to place your hands into them and accelerate the drying process while you pet it, also great for hair removal. Its plush and breathable texture ensures your pet's comfort too.   Specifications Material: Chenille, polyesterSize: (62cm*23cm)
MESS FREE... $38.00 $46.00
PRODUCT DETAILS          ______________________________________________________________________________ The mess free litter matt is designed with double EVA layer, specifically made to catch all the debris from your cat. The holes in the matt will catch any flying sand or debris stuck in your cats feet from the sandbox. Once the time for cleaning up the matt has arrived, simply open up the matt and direct all the matter into disposal. Cleaning the matt is very easy and it will dry very fast too. Sand, dust nor dirt should not be a problem in your house anymore. Size: Large- 45cm x 60cm Materials: Durable Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) technology,  Net weight: 470g
HOME MASSAGER $38.00 $54.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Your pet will love our new soft silicone massager. This massager brings 4 multi-directional rotating contacts specifically made for the relaxation of muscles- applying it onto your pet's neck, back and head will release muscle tension and enhance relaxation giving them a comfy experience. You can also use the massager yourself and enjoy 20 minutes of battery time, charging times may take up to 2 hours. You can charge it with our included USB cable in the package.   Features/specifications Working voltage: DC5V-1A Rated power: 5W Battery capacity: 850mAH Package size: 12cm*12cm*15.5cm  
CAR SEAT... $52.92 $85.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Ensure safety and comfort for your pet and car every time you hit the road with our waterproof, scratch proof and nonslip seat/interior cover. You can hammock the cover on the front seat or fold it into an optimal car seat cover with included velcro straps. The cover is securely anchored in the back seat with included buckle, enough to keep the cover and your pet still and safe even during quick turns and speed bumps. Enjoy your road trip with your furry best friend and never stress again about shabby seats.   Features/specifications Universal size (54x58 inches) it is the perfect size for cars, mini vans, trucks and family SUVs. The velcro opening lets the seat belt thread through, then the velcro will stick together so that drool or stains can't penetrate. The cover takes seconds to unbuckle and shake off sand, dirt, and debris. You can use a wet cloth to spot clean, hand wash, machine wash, and vacuum cover. Made from 4 layers of fabrics: thick water-resistant oxford fabric, cotton layer, 100% waterproof polyester, and PVC non-slip soft rubber.
DIGESTIVE BOWL-... $16.99 $21.00
PRODUCT DETAILS             _____________________________________________________________________________ Our slow feeder bowls contain surfaces that trap the food inside of the bowl and help your dog slow down while eating! This design prevents gulping and choking and ensures an overall better digestion for your pet. These fun shaped feeders are prepared with anti slip technology and will also prevent bloats and vomits at all times. Get your dog used to a better digestion now! Material: Polypropylene Package size: 25x25x7cm