CAT VILLA from $30.99 $37.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Our cat house blends seamlessly into your décor while providing a relaxing spot for your pet. It's more than just furniture; it's an essential part of your cat's environment. Beyond comfort, this house also contributes to your cat's mental well-being with its playful and anti-stress hanging ball. Cats relish having a personal space, and this house offers precisely that – a place to unwind, play, and observe their surroundings. Built with durability in mind, this house can handle your cat's playful antics. The removable cushion ensures easy maintenance, keeping the haven clean and inviting. Materials: Cloth, rubber      
AUTOMATIC CIRCULATION... from $9.99 $72.00
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ The automatic water dispenser holds a large capacity drinking surface, it's perfect for multi-cat households and multi-dog households. The dispenser is made of premium and durable 304 stainless steel which is non-toxic for pets and maintains itself odourless. The water pump is also very quiet and will keep a peaceful and quiet environment.    The design is also built for pet owners who often travel and leave their pets alone at home- the water dispenser will take care of providing your pet with it's fresh, filtered and well circulated water.                    The dispenser also comes with a sensor, whereas once it detects your pet's movement it will initiate the dispenser's pump so that water falls directly from the tap.    Voltage options: US 110V, US 220VWater storage capacity: 2LPackage size: 170 * 181 * 135mm  
SMART BALL $28.00 $36.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  ______________________________________________________________________________ Cats love this smart rolling ball. It moves itself around and will trigger your cat or pet and wake their curiosity making them chase the ball all around the house. The ball is built with non toxic materials so pets can chew on it. USB comes included to recharge the battery! train your cat reduces stress prevents unwanted chews around the house     -Exterior soft silicone wrapping absorbs and cancels 90% of impact sound. -Lights included for pet's fun at night Battery input: USB rechargeableMaterial: Silicone
PRODUCT DETAILS   ______________________________________________________________________________ This toy is perfect for dogs and cats, easy to load and fun to use. It is great for outdoor interaction and fun for you and your pet. To use, simply fill it with your pets favourite treat and then pull the trigger to launch the treats! Handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip. There's no more need to hold those treats and worry about slobber or getting crumbs off your hands.   Specifications: Material: ABS Plastic, nylon Size: 19cm x 11cm x 4.5cm    
AUTOMATIC FEEDER from $32.00 $42.99
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ 2-in-1 water and food automatic feeder. It can hold a gallon of water and a full meal for your pet. The automatic feeder and water dispenser natural supply your dog/cat with water and food. Just open the top, fill the bowls and then close and secure top and set the timer, the pet will hear the bowl open when its time to eat! Feeder does not require electricity plug, just one regular battery on the bottom will keep it running for 6 months! Also comes equipped with non slip pads on the bottom to keep the spaces clean. Variant options: Single meal (24 * 14 * 7.5cm) Double meal  Materials: Plastic                                                     
SILICONE BATH... from $18.45 $26.00
PRODUCT DETAILS    ______________________________________________________________________________ Our handheld silicone bath brush and massager restores and cleans pets fur and skin without harmful scratches or hair pulling. It's a perfect brush for pets with sensitive skin. At the top, simply open the small ring, pour shampoo with water and start the bathing! The brush also brings an anti slip handle to firmly bath your pet with no hesitations.   Features/specifications Materials: Silicone, plasticPackage Size:10*9*6(cm)  
PRODUCT DETAILS            ______________________________________________________________________________ The ball can be flattened into a frisbee, thrown and automatically turn back into a sphere in 3-5 seconds during flight. It's easy to throw and reaches a far distance. You may use it either as a dog ball or as a dog frisbee toy. It's an interactive multifunctional ball, fun and great for outdoor sports and the pool. The toy also motivates your dog to move around which helps with overall fitness.   Features/specifications   Oral health: The toy is also surrounded by cotton chewing rope which not only stimulates dog's interest in chewing it, but also effectively removes tartar, food debris or dirt from the dog's teeth, protecting the oral health.    Decompression: Multiple dogs can play together with it and chase each other to stimulate the dogs' desire to win, improve their intelligence and reduce daily anxiety, better vent their energy and release mental stress.     Material: Polypropylene + abs, polyester Size: 145.5X 145.5X 141.5mm  (sphere)                  
LEASH SAFETY... $15.00 $23.00
PRODUCT DETAILS          ______________________________________________________________________________ Simply clip one end of the seatbelt onto your pet's harness, then secure the other end into a seatbelt slot like you would a regular seatbelt. Its adjustable length leaves your pet enough room to comfortably sit, lay down, or stand. Done! You and your pet can now enjoy a safe journey.   Features/specifications - KEEPS YOUR PET, YOU, AND OTHERS SAFE There have been too many accounts of pets jumping out of car windows. This genius device keeps your beloved pet in your vehicle and in one place, preventing them from jumping onto your lap or under your legs. It ensures you, your pet, and others on the road to stay safe. - DURABLEMade with durable nylon material, sturdy nickel-plated hardware, and solid metal snaps & buckles. The leashes are long-lasting and constant companion for car rides with your pet. It's a must-have tool for all car owners who ride with their pets. Materials: Polypropylene / Polyester / Nylon/ Size: 70cm (adjustable length)
DIGESTIVE BOWL-... $16.99 $21.00
PRODUCT DETAILS             _____________________________________________________________________________ Our slow feeder bowls contain surfaces that trap the food inside of the bowl and help your dog slow down while eating! This design prevents gulping and choking and ensures an overall better digestion for your pet. These fun shaped feeders are prepared with anti slip technology and will also prevent bloats and vomits at all times. Get your dog used to a better digestion now! Material: Polypropylene Package size: 25x25x7cm    
HOME MASSAGER $38.00 $54.00
PRODUCT DETAILS            _____________________________________________________________________________ Your pet will love our new soft silicone massager. This massager brings 4 multi-directional rotating contacts specifically made for the relaxation of muscles- applying it onto your pet's neck, back and head will release muscle tension and enhance relaxation giving them a comfy experience. You can also use the massager yourself and enjoy 20 minutes of battery time, charging times may take up to 2 hours. You can charge it with our included USB cable in the package.   Features/specifications Working voltage: DC5V-1A Rated power: 5W Battery capacity: 850mAH Package size: 12cm*12cm*15.5cm  
STEP ON... $85.00
PRODUCT DETAILS                      ______________________________________________________________________________ Easy to use for dogs of all sizes! The dog will simply step on the pedal to activate the water flow. It keeps your dog cool and hydrated, preventing boredom and chewing on unwanted items. Made of hard and durable steel, suitable for both large and small dogs. Plus, it's a fun and entertaining toy for them which will release their energy and their zoomies won't be a problem for your garden any longer!    Features/specifications Install it yourself within seconds: simply grab the provided hose and connect it to the step on fountain, then attach the other hose end to the adapter and into the tap and start the fun! (manual is also included)                     Hose length: 41" (1 meter) Size: 24*24*5.5cm Materials: Heavy-Gauge Steel                                                                                             
AIRTAG TRACKING... $18.99 $25.00
PRODUCT DETAILS              ______________________________________________________________________________ Ensure your pets safety and keep it tracked at all times. The collar is built to hold an airtag and localize your cat anywhere it goes just in case it gets lost or stolen. The collar is also equipped with a bell which is also removable.   Note: all orders are dispatched within 24 business hours. Deliveries take 10-12 business days for USA   Size Guide:   Wash style: Hand washMaterial: Nylon, plasticPackage dimensions: 200 x 180 x 30 mm